AXO Norstar Trans-Am Boots - Black

AXO Norstar Trans-Am Boots - Black

Brand: AXO

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AXO brings Norstar boots back to the future Putting on a pair of Norstar Trans-Am boots is like stepping into a time machine. With their unmistakable styling and renowned quality, Norstar boots were an icon of motocross during the heyday of the sport in the 70s. And now the legendary Norstar Trans-Am boot returns with updated materials and construction techniques, but the same classic look. Made of premium high-quality leather, the Norstar Trans-Am boot provides a perfect blend of comfort, fit and durability that just can’t be matched by modern day riding boots. Whether you’re looking for the perfect boot to go along with your vintage motocross bike, or you just love the classic style and fit, the Norstar Trans-Am has got you covered.

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