Mobile Warming Dual Battery Pack

Mobile Warming Dual Battery Pack

Brand: Mobile Warming

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Mobile Warming 7.4V 4.0AH li-ion Battery is double the capacity of our standard 2.2 AH battery for those he need to stay warm for longer than 10 hours!


  • Rechargeable 7.4V 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Comes with separate mini controller
  • Compatible with Mobile Warming vests and jackets
  • Can provide up to 20 hours of power
  • Lightweight construction
  • LED power indicators
  • Easy push button operation
  • Mobile Warming 7.4V 4.0AH li-ion Battery for long lasting heat!


  • Simply plug in charger to wall socket and connect battery to charger . When all indicator lights stop flashing, battery is fully charged.


  • Plug in charged battery to connection cable on jacket/vest. To turn on battery, press and hold on/off for several seconds until light comes on (if light doesn’t turn on, the battery needs charging). When on power starts at 100%, keep on high setting for five to ten minutes to warm up the garment. After the desired temperature is reached, turn the battery down to 50% for a full day’s use outside. Turn off the battery during extended breaks or indoors to extend your usage time.


  • In extremely cold conditions, 100% power is needed, be aware that the battery will lose power after three hours. It is strongly recommended to purchase an extra battery for extreme cold conditions


  • Disconnect and remove battery from the garment’s power lead wiring harness.
  • Remove temperature control (only on garments using the large battery pack).
  • Machine-wash on the gentle or delicate cycle using the warm-water setting (water temperature below 50ºF) and a mild detergent.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Remove from washer and hang/air dry.

NOTICE: Do not wing out or twist garments to dry. This will damage the heating elements.

CAUTION: Do not tumble dry. Do not iron or dry clean.

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