Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Chap Liner

Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Chap Liner

Brand: Tour Master

MSRP: $125.54

Your Price: $112.99

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Tour Master Synergy apparel is designed to operate from a vehicle standard 12-volt electrical system to provide unmatched levels of warmth and comfort. With Synergy™ apparel, wearers can be warm without the bulk and discomfort typically caused by excessive layers of clothing. By providing increased warmth and mobility in cold temperatures, Synergy™ apparel helps reduce fatigue while increasing safety and enjoyment.

Each Synergy garment is heated by a series of durable carbon fiber heating elements, which generate safe, electronically controlled infrared heat. In addition to safe and even heating, carbon fiber elements are lightweight, flexible and safe to operate in wet conditions. It is carbon fiber’s light weight and flexibility that allows Synergy™ garments to fit comfortably under protective riding apparel.

  • Power Lead Wiring Harness
  • Temperature Control Unit
  • Thigh Mounted Leg Band to attach the Temperature Control Unit

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