Vemar VRX-9 Trial Night Vision Helmet - White/Black

Vemar VRX-9 Trial Night Vision Helmet - White/Black

Brand: Vemar

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Vemar VXR-9 Dirt Helmet

Vemar's Night Vision helmet is activated by absorbing the UV radiation of sunlight. The longer the exposure to sunlight the longer the helmet will emit its afterglow effect. The maximum a Night Vision helmet with glow is 8 hours. The glowing effect is more intense in the first 2-3 hours and then it starts gradually to become less intense. The Night Vision effect does not have a life span (just like the clock dials); it will outlast the useable lifespan of the helmet itself! Vemar's exclusive Night Vision painting process is more complicated to apply than standard paint or graphics. Vemar's proprietary paint formula includes a phosphorescent pigment that must be applied carefully, in three layers, over a special base coat.


  • The Vemar VRX9 is engineered and manufactured in Italy to the motorcyclist specific ECE 22.05 standard while also meeting USA's DOT standard.


  • Constructed with a mid-oval shell shape. This shape offers a more generous fit front to back and a more snug fit ear to ear
  • Exterior shell is constructed of a lightweight yet incredibly strong carbon fiber - kevlar - fiberglass blend
  • Two sizes of outer shells cover the six helmet sizes for the ultimate in a light weight yet proportional fit
  • Double density, high impact inner EPS Shell
  • Large eye port designed to work well with all goggles
  • Base shape designed to complement neck brace
  • Chin bar fowm air cleaner is easily removed for cleaning
  • Adjustable visor with a wide range of motion
  • Emergency cheekpad release system
  • 3 intake vents on the top and front of the helmet
  • 2 chin vents that channel air to the rear of the helmet
  • 5 exhaust vents at the rear base of the liner
  • 4 exhaust vents in the rear shell
  • Wide intake across the brow liner area
  • Superbly detailed, high pixel count, multi-color, and affect graphics
  • A Medium VRX9 helmet weighs only 1250 (+/- 50) grams or just 2.7 lbs


  • The Vemar VRX9 comes with a five (5) year warranty from manufacturing date, which equates to the full usable life of the helmet.

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